Children & Toy Photography

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I have been working on this Toy photography idea for quite a while and now it is time for me to share it with you!
Christmas has now passed and if you have children there is no doubt your houses will be full of toys and games, this is where I come in 🙂

This may take a while to get your head around………So please bear with me.

I can make the toys and games you end up throwing away as your children grow older into lasting photographic memories which also make for fantastic pieces of art for your children’s bedrooms. I do this by using Chroma Key Photography AKA Green Screen, I take separate images of your children in action style poses to suit the toy theme as well as images of your children’s toys. When I get back to my desk I get to work on the images and digitally create images like the ones shown here. I have researched and there is NO-ONE at all doing this type of photography, I do get busy so you would need to get your booking in ASAP if you wanted to have a shoot.

Please contact me if you are interested in this, it can be for as many children as you like or even the full family including your mums and dads and maybe pets too : I can guarantee you:-

  • Every Image is unique
  • Free Personalisation
  • A fantastic experience for you and your children in your own home
  • Any Theme considered, even board games
  • A professional and reliable service
  • A quality end product
  • A digital copy of the image for use on social media etc
  • A wide range of print options available
  • Each child will also receive a free gift at the end of the shoot

If you are interested in creating your own amazing Toy Story, please contact me for prices, further details and bookings.