The reason for this trip to Malham was to visit and photograph Janet’s Foss waterfall and then a further walk to Gordale Scar.

Malham, a small village found in the the North Yorkshire Dales which boasts spectacular landscapes such as Malham Cove, Janets Foss Waterfall and Gordale Scar.

These iconic natural wonders attract visitors and tourists from all over the UK.  When you get to witness these places in person, you will see why a trip to Malham is so popular and also why I chose to visit this amazing place for one of my photography projects.

On this visit I didn’t do the walk to Malham Cove, I am saving that for a project of it’s own on a later date!

Where to park

Once you arrive in Malham village, you will see the Pay & Display visitor car park on the left, this also has public conveniences which are free of charge. These can come in handy after a long drive, well they do for me anyway, lol.

If the main car park is full, there is free parking on the road into Malham and also another car park further past the main visitor car park.

The Route to Janets Foss Waterfall

Leave the Car park and turn left and head towards The Malham Smithy.  The Malham Smithy is a blacksmiths art shop run by a lady called Annabelle Bradley, sadly I wasn’t  able to meet her or see inside when I visited Malham due to Covid-19 restrictions, so rest assured I will be back and definitely pay her a visit very soon.

Once you reach the Malham Smithy turn right and walk over the little bridge and onto the little pathway that goes to the right, you will now be walking more or less back on your self. You will come to a kissing gate ( there are quite a few on this walk) Follow the pathway that is sign posted Janets foss.

The Paths to Janets Foss are easy walking, and well maintained. You will walk approximately 1.5 mile in total to get to Janets Foss itself. The view once there is quite breathtaking and well worth the walk.

It is now time for a picnic and a flask of coffee, but don’t fear if you don’t have a picnic with you as the next part of the walk to Gordale Scar has a mobile sandwhich shop on the way 😉

malham village map

Janets Foss

janets foss

Janets Foss

This is the stunning Janet’s Foss waterfall you are greeted with once you have walked from the Centre of Malham .

Well worth the walk, don’t ya think? 🙂

Fun  Fact

In it’s time Janets Foss has been used as a natural sheep dip for farmers!

Legend has it that the home of Jennet the queen of the fairies resided in a cave behind the waterfall or in the cave the to the right of the falls, which is accessible with a little climbing. 

Let’s continue to Gordale Scar

Once I had photographed Janets Foss waterfall I got back onto the main foot path I was previously on to proceed with the next part of the walk to Gordale Scar. This is sign posted. The trail to Gordale Scar from Janets Foss starts with a little climb up a few uneven rocks (The hardest part of this walk)  But, You are greeted with a refreshments van that do great hot dogs and coffee, along with other refreshments of course 🙂 Carry on straight from here and what lies ahead is simply beautiful.

The scenery and landscapes along this next stretch are pretty breathtaking and well worth stopping to admire. The well maintained path arcs through the gorge alongside the beck.

the path to gordale scar
the path to gordale scar

Here is Gordale Scar

godale scar

I really hope you have enjoyed reading about my little adventure to Malham. I am planning another visit soon to photograph Malham Cove, so keep an eye out for that one soon.

Fun  Fact

Gordale Scar was created in the Ice Age by melt water creating a cavern that collapsed and eventually forming the gorge we now know as Gordale Scar


If you do like any of the photographs I have taken on my trip to Malham,  I am able to supply prints of any size and in any format.

Simply contact me with the size of the print you need and I will get this printed in a professional lab and shipped direct to your door.