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The Queens Mill

The Queens Mill in Castleford (previously known locally as Allinsons Mill) was the worlds largest stone grinding flour mill, which boasted twenty pairs of grinding stones. The Queens Mill building has stood on Aire Street aside the River Aire since building works began in 1822, so as you can imagine the mills significance in the town of Castleford is well recognised amongst locals in the town and tourists alike.

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 The Millenium Bridge

In 2008 the Castleford Millenium Footbridge costing 4.8 Million Pound was opened by T.V. Presenter Kevin McCloud &Wakefield Council Leader Peter Box, this bridge offers panoramic views of  both the rear of the Queens Mill and of the weir over the river again increasing the significance of The Queens Mill to Castleford  Another rather interesting and distinctive part of this photographic tour which I am taking you on shows you Thomas.

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Thomas has been the shipwreck sat on the edge of the weir since 1977, apparently it was let loose on the river by vandals and could never be moved, Thomas is also another feature of the Queens mill / Millenium Bridge area which adds another interesting talking point, the Millenium Bridge with it’s S-Shape curves around the shipwreck and is easily seen by all either from above while on the bridge or from either side of the river. if you have never seen it and you visit Castleford, be sure to check it out, it is literally a 2 minute walk from the town precint.

I hope you enjoy my night-time photographic tour of The Queens Mill, The Millenium Bridge and Thomas the shipwreck. You can see the full set of images in the gallery below, I am planning on a set of daytime pics soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that, I am sure they will be just as great as these. I would love to here your comments on these, so why not leave me a message or drop me an email, all these images are available to purchase as prints at a low costs.

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