The Pineapple Hill

Light Streams Ahead

The Pineapple HillThe Pineapple Hill in Warmfield is the main A655 road (Black Road) that links Wakefield to Normanton , Black Road bypasses the small picturesque villages of Heath and Kirkthorpe as this can be a heavy traffic route. The Pineapple Hill takes its name from the Pineapple Inn public house situated right on the brow of the hill, it is known to be a speedy road with lots of traffic with it’s winding S-shape cascading down from the top & regrettably has had a number of serious accidents in recent years.

Countryside fields surround this long and winding road, I craved to capture this lovely scenery in a different way to normal, I just didnt know what, until one evening I was driving looking for a scene to capture with my trusty canon camera and I saw the image in my mind and there it was, Pineapple Hill.

It was just starting to drop dark, the street lights were shining, I pulled over into the entrance of the farm on the foot of the hill, just before it starts its ascent up into its sweeping bend, so tripod out  a few test shots to expose my shot properly and “voila” I had it my vision had become a reality

Here come the Light Streams

Light streams in the dark from passing traffic streaked their way up the hill like something from a Marvel movie, to create this effect I had to deploy rather long exposures as the hill is quite a distance and to get the shots i had to wait for the streaming traffic to go out of the frame. I hope you enjoy these images.

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I hope you like the this series of images, I certainly enjoyed taking them, I would love to know which shot your prefer from them, so leave me a comment and let me know.

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