Raising awareness for the cruelty to dogs


You may remember I held a competition on Facebook quite a few months ago in an attempt to raise awareness for the cruelty to dogs, all in all the competition got a good exposure and I am sure it helped get a message across to everyone that took part in it. The competition was to win a Photoshoot for their dog(s)

The competition was won by a lady from York called Christine, unfortunately due to one thing and another the shoot was delayed and put off several times due to no fault or hers or mine, but we kept in touch and just the other week we managed to get together with her lovely dogs and do the shoot.

The shoot took place in a place called Huntington which is a suburb of York in a stunning area alongside the river Foss, it was so picturesque and a joy to do a shoot at that location. The dogs were a pair of German Shepherds, Max which is 2 years old and Brook at 8 years old, both of them made great models that day and were a delight to work with and I think you will agree when you see their photo gallery they are stunning shots of them.

_MG_8551 _MG_8581

This was a great project to be part of and I do have another project I am currently working on which is a fundraising “Dog Booth” so I will keep you posted with that :0

Thank you for reading and please take a little time to view the gallery for Brook and Max 🙂

The Brook & Max Gallery