Now it is getting darker earlier in the evening, although it is getting colder, the dark evenings do add a different style of photography to my work, this new style being Light Painting. I chose a location on a bridge overlooking the M62 Motorway near Wakefield junction 30 to be exact.

I parked up lay-by near the M62 Junction and walked to the bridge, I headed straight for the centre to try and get a good angle, set my Tripod up and put the trusty Canon Camera in place upon it. I did get a few strange looks from cars passing me on the bridge I have to say but its all in the name of Art after all, lol. So I set about my crafty clicks and “Voila” there it is a series o shots from the centre of the bridge overlooking the M62 in the dark and produced scenes which wouldn’t be out of place in a Star-Wars Movie.


I hope you enjoy this series of Pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.


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