Fire Photography – Part 2

The Leeds Dark Arches

To the Dark Arches we go…..

Time was getting on at Sandal Castle where we shot Part 1 of this series and light was getting fairly low. We had already planned that we would move on to the Dark Arches in Leeds to offer another dimension and intereting location. The Dark Arches are a series of tunnels under Leeds Railway Station, and part of the Garanary Wharf. (Once one of Leeds’s best kept secrets) Its well worth a visit if you are ever in Leeds.

If you didnt see Part 1 you can see it here. 

In The Dark Arches

When we arrived at the Dark Arches we scouted the area and looked for the best location in which Hattie Byrne could perform her fire arts. Hattie actually spotted the archway with a graffitied shutter door and pointed it out to me. This is where most of the shots were taken whilst at this interesting location.  

While we were midway between this photo shoot we noticed a guy in a car watching us, he drove off, but he didnt go far he actually parked up through an adjacent arch way and started watching some more. As you can imagine it was a little strange, I mean it was around midnight, ha! Or were we the strange ones doing as shoot like this at that time? Who knows!

The car then came back into the Dark Arches, parked up very close to us and started filming us! Hattie wasnt comfortable with this and she decided to stop her performance and have a short break. I had a chat with the guy, who was actually quite polite and said he had never seen anything like this. Shortly after this conversation he left and we were able to proceed with the rest of this shoot.

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