A Ride To Ledston

Ledston – A Brief History

For those of you that are not local to my hometown of Castleford, Ledston is a quaint little village about 2 mile out of Castleford and has a deep history and once had its own colliery .

Ledston is probably famous for its grade 1 building Ledston Hall and it’s appearance on Most haunted, spooky eh đŸ˜‰

So What Was I Doing There?

Ledston village itself is just behind a local nature reserve, namely Fairburn Ings RSPB. I happened to drive through Ledston with a friend on a business lunch to The White Horse Public House (Which was very nice too). On the way into Ledston there is a small bridge over a beck and thats when I thought that could be an interesting spot for some wildlife. (Really hoping for kingfishers).

I Don’t Always Get It Right

That same evening, I went to that same beck with my gear and I did get some great shots of Damselflies. I did see a kingfisher, but unfortunately not for long enough to get a shot of it, but hey, that’s the way it goes I suppose.

There were lots of damsel flies all the same species, which were the “Banded Demoiselles” really vivid blue/green colour and you can see the images I got of them below.

I had one chance of photographing what I think was a Migrant Hawker Dragonfly! It came up the centre of the beck from a distance, I did manage to get an image of it but missed the focus. To me it resembled an X-Wing Starfighter from Starwars.

See the image to the right, it even sounded like one when it buzzed by my ear as it went past me. (Thankfully Darth Vader wasn’t in pursuit).

Migrant Hawker Gragonfly looking like an X-Wing Starfighter

I hope you enjoy the images I did manage to focus in on đŸ™‚

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