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I am a photographer from castleford West Yorkshire.
If you are reading this, I guess it is to find out who I am and what makes me click. Well; Let me entertain you.

Early Life

I started my photography journey fairly late in my life but having said that, I have always had a creative flare and a passion for media of any type. I have always had a fascination for all things “Tech” which really fits in well with the Photography that I do.

Introduction to DSLR Photography

The moment I held a friends Canon DSLR camera I was hooked, little did I know that a few years later I would be displaying my art in exhibitions and taking paid work for my photography. I photographed landscapes, Portraits and also wildlife, I didn’t have a lot of lenses to choose from at that time as it was just a borrowed camera but I quickly gave the camera back and bought one off Ebay.  From then photography has been a massive part of my life and today even more so.

Early Work

I spent a fortune building up my equipment and soon got asked to take photographs of family and friends. I was doing something I loved so why not. My first shoot was my Nephew, I bought a tin bath went to a field and shot there. I do get crazy ideas and run with them, sometimes they don’t work but most of the time they do.

Current Day

In the current day, I am really busy in my day job as an Operations manager for Retail Supplements which is in the E-Commerce & retail sector. In my photography, I now own a Full frame Canon 6D Camera and lots of lenses too.

Current Projects

I run a Photo Booth Business called The SmileStation Photo Booth. Alongside this I have teamed up with a Wakefield Wedding Photographer called Nicholas Teal to run an events business called DNevents.  I will speak more about these other businesses later.

Thanks for reading and I hope you like my work.

Dave Hartley | Photographer

Creative Self Portrait

Creative Self Portrait