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Dawns Dogs

Dawns Dogs – The Shoot.

Oh what fun we had with this photo shoot, 3 dogs 1 dog handler and 1 photographer (me) & a pocket full of treats and toys to keep them entertained. This photo shoot was arranged for Holly (the spaniel) as she recently celebrated her 14th birthday and Dawn wanted to capture her in action and have some portraits done too, so we did just that. Of course we couldn’t do one without the other so Bethany (the Staffy Cross) and Clinton had to join in too which gave me triple the work to do. Both Bethany and Clinton are rescue dogs too from The Netherlands Rescue Centre near Rotherham so they also deserved to be spoilt, Bethany even bowled me over when she came charging at me as I was crouched down snapping her and then she couldn’t stop in time but it was all fun and when it comes to working with animals you do need patience and you also need to make it fun for all which is what I aim to do when working with clients pets, when an animal is happy and enjoying itself it comes through on the photos I take to capture those timeless moments for you to cherish.